Thursday, February 3, 2011

Do or don't?

I'm not quite sure what to do. J & I have been talking about me going to Japan for Spring Break. I have a week off of classes, with doing going on why not? We really want to see each other. It's so different when there's a computer screen between the two of you. & I must say, I'm a bit sick of blowing kisses to a webcam. Don't get me wrong, I am so grateful we get to video chat as often as we do. But I'm ready to be in his arms again. I know, I know, he did just come home for Christmas. But I want to go out there. I want to his base, I want to see the beautiful ocean, and eat their foods. I just want to be with my J. There's a huge possibility that J is getting out of the Marine Corps earlier then expected. So my plan to visit the entire summer isn't going to happen..which I'm super happy about. I'd much rather him be home & out of the Corps earlier then planned, then spend my summer there. So, Spring Break is really my only option to go out there.

So why not go? Oh I'll tell you why are expensive, actually they're beyond expensive. On top of that, we need to find somewhere for me to stay for the week I'm out there, because I obviously can't sleep in his barracks..or maybe I can sneak it..Haha. Just kidding. So I looked into the hotels that they have on his base. There is one on his actually base, and a tons of others on the other bases. The one on his base is about $75 a night. Which, comparatively, isn't that bad. If I were to stay off base at a regular hotel, it would be double that..probably even triple in some places. So we decided..I'd stay at this hotel. It's right near his barracks & work. So it's a prime location. & since it's so close, obviously he'd stay with me. Perfect, right? Wrong. When J called the hotel the other day to talk about making a reservation, the lady told him that March is PCS season. So, anyone that's PCSing will be put on the list before us. Okay, that makes sense. I understand. But she said because there will probably be soo many people PCSing, we're on Space A at the moment. She pretty much told  him, there is no guarantee your wife will have some place to stay. Well what the hell am I supposed to do?! She suggested going to the other bases hotels but, again, it's PCS season, apparently, so she said they're probably going to fill up pretty fast too. Ughhh. Even if I can stay in a hotel on another base, that's a cab ride J has to take to work every morning. Which is going to add buckoo bucks! So now, we need to decide what to do. I can go out there & hope they have some place for me to stay, or find somewhere off base. Why does this all have to be soo expensive. I wish I were a millionaire!

On a completely different note. I'm starting to get into the nitty gritty of wedding planning. I go to meet with a florist tomorrow. I was wondering if you ladies had any ideas of flower types. I know for my bouquet I want red roses. But I'm not sure what I would like my Bridesmaids to carry. Our wedding is in November. & the girls are wearing read. So far, red is the only color I have picked out. I was thinking of doing small gold accents here & there. But I'm not sure..any ideas? I do know that I don't want anything blue. But I was thinking of having the girls carry white flowers..uhh I have noo idea! Any ideas at all would be sooo helpful! :)

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