Wednesday, June 23, 2010

PB & J and Scrabble by candle light

Well last night was interesting. I had to babysit Sofia and Max until like 9:30 last night and J was home by himself just hanging out and playing xbox (what a surprise haha). It started getting stormy out but I figured it would just pass. Around 8pm, J texted me and told me the power went out in the apartment...well not just our apartment but the whole apartment complex..every building..and the traffic lights right outside..and the shopping center across the street. I figured it would kick back on within the hour...well I was soo wrong.

The power stayed out all night long. But instead of getting grumpy and complaining about the heat we made the best of it. We made yummy PB & J has be forever since I had a good peanut butter and jelly sandwhich. And then we played scrabble in the dark with a few candles lit. Surprisingly, it was alot of fun. It was a little hot in the apartment, but it was fun. We had nothing bothering us. Both our cell phones were just about dead and we couldn't charge them. We couldn't watch any shows or play any xbox. We couldn't check facebook or email. It was relaxing...really relaxing. J and I had time to just hang out and enjoy each others company. We weren't distracted by the outside world. It was a lovely evening to just catch up and enjoy each other. I hated that the power went out..but I loved the time got to spend with my man :)

I've also noticed I'm getting a few more followers...hello and thank you to everyone who is reading ths blog :) I know at times it may be boring and I know I slack off wayyy too much. But to my followers, thank you for reading and I enjoy reading all of your blogs :)


  1. aww I love this post! I think it's really awesome that you turned a night that could have been really boring and not so fun into one that was relaxing and almost seemed a little cute-romantic! I hope the power is back on soon!

  2. Hey girl, I am glad you had a good night.. I have a surprise for you over on my blog :) check it out!