Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sorry it's been soo long

It feels like it's been forever since I've written. Last week I was really really sick. It started right after I moved in with Jeremy. It started as a simple headache..that just got progressively worse. My face and sinuses were killing me. I knew I had allergies...but I didn't think it was that severe. I've never felt such pain before. It still hurts a little bit but def. not as bad! I tried so many different medicines but none really helped. Jeremy went to the store and bought me sudafed. It helps alot! But it knocks me out. So I usually take it right before bed to help me sleep. Other then being sick, life has been pretty good. Jeremy and I really love living together. I love being here when he gets home from work. I love waking up to him every morning and falling asleep with him every single night. Life has been really really great! I've been doing tons and tons of research for the wedding. Andd I think we've decided on the venue. So hopefully this week we'll be able to book it!! :) We leave for Myrtle Beach on Sunday..Jeremy's taking leave for the week. So hopefully we'll be able to get some wedding stuff accomplished this week before leave. I'm so excited. Just thinking of the wedding makes me so so so excited. But it feels so far away. I just can't wait till November of 2011!

Yesterday was Memorial Day. I must admit, before I met Jeremy, I never really thought about what Memorial Day actually means. To me, it was just the end of school, the start of summer, and time to hang out with friends. After I met Jeremy, and I became familiar with the military life and dealing with his deployment, I started realize how real this war really is. Memorial day is more than just a time for cookout and parties. It's more than just a reason for stores to have outrageous sales. It is a time for everyone to remember those who lost their lives fighting for our freedom. Even if you don't support the war, there are still men and women losing their lives to keep us free and perserve our futures. Memorial day, just like every other day, should be a day or rememberance, a day of prayer, and a day of thanks. No one will ever understand the sacrifice our brave men and women make to keep us safe. I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day. And I hope everyone remembered those men and women that gave their lives. We're free because of them. Freedom isn't free. And thanks to our brave men and women, we wake up every morning free to live our lives.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day! And, I promise I'll start writing more! I love reading all your blogs! :)

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