Saturday, August 28, 2010 less then 2 months, really?!

I'm sitting in bed, writing this post with tears in my eyes. This has been one of the worst weekends of my entire life. The only other time I felt this sad was the day J left for Afghanistan last September. So why? Why all the tears? Why the horrible weekend? The Marines..the wonderful Marine Corps is screwing us over..again. What a surprise!

It all started Thursday evening. J got a text from a friend saying he got orders to PCS to California, along with 16 other Marines. J's friend told him he was more than likely going to receive the orders as well. Okay, no big deal. I can move out to Cali come May after graduation. It was sucky, but it wasn't the end of the world. And then Friday morning happened. J left for work at 7:00 and not more then an hour later, my phone rings. It's J...telling me he got orders to PCS to in the country in Asia..the one that is like a million miles away from here. We have absolutely no idea why the Marines would be sending him over there. What he does here is totally different than what he'd be doing all the way over there. J only has 14 months left of his contract. By the time he gets out there, he'll have just about 12 months left. So why? Why on earth would they be sending him there for a year? What would the Marine Corps be gaining from this...absolutely nothing if you ask me. But the Marines like to do what benefits them, not anyone else.

After J called me with this wonderful (all kinds of sarcastic!!) news, I did all types of, food, base housing, pets, everything. Just to kind of get a heads up. So by now, after the tears fade, the idea has finally gotten through..we're going to Japan. And then J gets home from work and gives me more bad news. If I were to go on this little adventure to Japan with him, we'd have to be married..and he would have to extend his contract by at least another two years. Okay, first of all, our wedding isn't until November of 2011. If we were to marry before, my finacial aid and scholarships would change drastically and I just wouldn't be able to afford it. There is always the possibility of dropping out of school. But I don't really want to do that. I graduate in May. I am soo close. I only have this year left, why quit now? And J is absolutely against extending. He wants to get out as soon as he can..which i understandable. So now, he's faced with a really though decision. He can chose to go away for the year without me. Or extend and I go out there in May...if that's even allowed. We don't even know if the Marines will even allow that because right now his PCS orders are for him being unaccompanied. Who knows if anyone will actually care that we're married and I want to come out their in May. Everything is just a mess. I don't want to be the reason he extends. I don't want him to be that unhappy for sooo long. But I don't want to be away from him for an entire year. This is a really sucky situation. He has to report by Oct 31. He has the entire month of Oct off to pack and get out there. We have little over a month to make all these decisions. The Marines are screwing everything up..again. Afghanistan was supposed to be the last time he went anywhere. He was told he would be stablized here in MD. But no, the Marines want what they want. And now, everything is changing. A year is way too long to be away from each other. But extending it for two years is wayy too long in Japan when he wants to be out. Ughhh, Marines, please make this easier! =/


  1. Hey hun. My Marine is based at Camp Foster in Japan. He's been there for the past 16 months and is finally coming back to the states to be based in Cali in November. Let me be the first to say... having my Marine in Japan and me being back in the states is really not that bad. I REALLY suggest you not moving out there, esp since your marine doesnt want to extend.
    I know that right now it seems like a year is so long, but Skype is amazing and does wonders. The time difference makes things a little difficult, but you learn to make a schedule on when you two can talk. Mister and I text everyday, we can see each other on his lunch break (9pm for me) and we get to skype for hours during the weekends.
    As far as why they would be sending him out there, I'm not sure. what's his MOS? what base is he going to? If he goes to Foster, he wont be going back to afghanistan - its a non-deployable base. Besides, you can always visit him out there. I've heard its absolutely beautiful. Save your money though because a ticket is expensive about $2000 (more or less).
    If you need anything, feel free to go to my blog ( and click the Contact tab at the top. your message will send to my email.

    TRUST me when I say this - Japan is not the end of the world! I know its hard, but you'll see once he's over there that things aren't bad. If Mister and I can begin a relationship with him being over there, you two can definitely continue one! Best of luck hun and try to stay positive!

  2. i wold have to say that i agree with "it's something beautiful" if getting out is his goal then i say stay and Finnish your education and let him Finnish the job so that when he returns you guys would be set.0. while it is a 'shorter stay going unaccompanied look at it like this, you can concentrate on studies, so that you Finnish on time, like she said above me there are always ways to communicate, there is oovoo, skype, yahoo, to name a few.. when my husband was on an unaccompanied tour my phone had all of the above on it so i couldn't miss a beat with him... they say that distance makes the heart grow fonder, all you know this may be the time apart you need to get it together for the both of you.. my husband and i have been married for 6 years now and we have been together for 9, and he is a "career lifer" lol so every time the military sends him away, we just look at it as another opportunity to rekindle our love.. like i'm sure you will hear alot of mixed horror stories about separation from your loved on in the military, and japan, but let me just end this by saying this, you are his backbone, his rock, you are the person he comes to for comfort now so you guys can mnake your own fortune with the military, don;t listen to people and their sour stories. be strong and have lots of faith, and who knows while he's there you or him could of been out to see the other at least 4 times out of the year while he is there. just tell him don't get suckered into extending, they will offer him the world, just tell him to stand his ground. and everything else will fall into place... i'm here too if you ever need anything, i can offer advice, even though you don't know me from jack =)

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