Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Oh, the waiting game

..yup, that's what my man and I are playing. The lovely and fun game of waiting. Waiting to hear some sort of news..anything at all..good or bad..about his PCS orders. He found nearly 2 weeks ago about his orders to Japan. And he has yet to hear anything else about it. Really? Nothing, nothing at all. And he's supposed to leave in a month. Ohhh the joys of the military! blahhh. J hasn't decided if he wants to extend or not. So for the past couple of days, he's been debating back and forth which would be the best thing for him, for me, for us. It's a really tough decision. And I most definitely don't want to be the reason he choses to extend. I don't want him to hate life all because of me. So for now, I guess I just have to sit back and let him decide this on his own..ohh and wait on the Marines some more haha.

School started last week. And I'm stressed out already, Of course I knew it would be stressful, it is my senior year of college after all. But this stressful, this early in the semester? This cannot be a good sign haha. Surprisingly, I like all the classes I'm taking. But I have no idea why I decided to take 6 classes in one semester. Oh well. At least I'll have all this work to keep me occupied when hubs leaves for Japan.

Well now it's back to waiting..and school work..and more waiting. Ughh! Hope you all had a great 4 day weekend!! :)

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  1. hey, i just wanted to say that i stumbled upon your blog and it was very inspiring to read your story. it seems like life has been handing you a lot of obstacles but as long as you keep your chin up you can get past this hiccup in your life. You do a wonderful job however at portraying your emotions and it encourages me to continue to read. I hope you update soon and that you and your fiancee continue to have a strong relationship to get through your rough patch.