Friday, May 14, 2010

All packed up

Hi all! I am finally finished packing! Who knew I had soo much stuff?! I certainly had no idea! Haha. It's wierd..seeing all my stuff in boxes..taking down my pictures..sleeping in this room one more night. It's a little sad. But I can't wait for Jeremy and I to officially start our lives together. I'm excited to see where life will take us. I think I'm even more excited to decorate the apartment! Before, it was just Jeremy and his roommate living there, with zero sense of style! And now, I'm moving in and later on this year his roommate's girlfriend is moving in with us too! I think it may get a little crammed at times, but all in all it should be alot of fun. So, to prepare for my decorating days ahead of me, my mom and I went shopping today. Ans when I say shopping, I mean shopppppingg! I can't believe how much stuff we bought. We got all new bath towels with matching rugs. They match the shower current and decor we already have in there. It's brown with ocean blue accents. It's girly, with a touch of manliness..didn't want to pick out anything too girly for the Mr. :) We also picked out new placemats to go with the new kitchen table my sister is lending us. I also got my very first plant! Needless to say, I'm estatic about it! I'm just afraid I won't remember to water it. I also got little odds and ends for the kitchen. I also got a juicer. I have absolutely no idea if I'll even use this. But it gives me something to try this summer! I found soo many deals at TJ Maxx. I must say, I love that store! I think I'll be spending more time there this summer :) I think this will be really good for us. I think living together will allow us to really see each others true sides, even though we aready know each other very very well. It's a little sad, knowning I'm leaving my family. But I think this is going to be wonderful. And I know I'll always be right around the corner from my family.
Well I'm exhausted. So I'm going to snuggle up with my man and watch Criminal Minds. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I found your blog on 20SB. Moving in with the man you love is a big step. I remember how sad my mom was when I moved out of the house and in with the man I am now married to. Good luck getting all settled into your new place.

  2. I also found you on 20SB. Moving out of home is such an exciting experience :)
    cant wait to hear how it turns out!