Friday, May 7, 2010

First Post & Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

Hi! And welcome to my blog! This my first time ever posting on a blog, but I wanted to try it out. When my Marine was deployed, I wrote all the time. I wrote him letters (obviousily) and I wrote for myself. Mainly about how I was feeling with him being away from home. Since he's been back (Since early February) life has been so hectic. We got engaged! We're moving in together next weekend, planning a wedding, living the lovely military life (haha), while I'm trying to finish out my junior year of college. In last few months, I've gained friends, lost friends, and reconnected with old friends. I lost family members who have been in my life since the day I was born. I realize every day how precious life is and how quickly it can be taken away..especially with the military involved. And so, this is why I'm here. To continue my rant and ramble, to talk about weddings plans, to complain, and most of all just to write out my feelings. I find it really helpful and relaxing to just write, even if no one ever reads it. So I plan on posting daily, if not hopefully every other day. I'm hoping this summer isn't as hectic as the last few months.

Today, May 7, is Military Spouse/Significant Other Appreciation Day! I cannot even explain how much joy and pride I get from being the fiance of a Marine. I never imagined I would ever be living this sort of lifestyle..the constant fear or deployments, the long work hours, waking up way too early when he leaves for PT, and waiting by the phone while he was gone for just one phone call to let me know he's alright, he's alive and he is coming home. But, I fell in love with him, and I fell hard. So now, there's no way I'd ever give up this lifestyle. He chose to defend his country and I choose to keep on loving him through everything the military throws at us. This day means so much to me. Our men and women fight in combat for our freedom. Without them, we wouldn't have what we have today. And so, it is onlt right to recognize the men and women who stand behind these people. Who are there at the airport watching them walk away, very well knowing this may be the last time you'll see them. It's us, the spouses and significant others, that worry when we hear something on the news, that lose sleep over it, that cry hours on end because of it. We do this, not because we have to, but because we want to. These are our men and women and we will forever be standing behind them, praying for them. supporting them, and loving them. No one will ever understand why we do it..but we do it anyway. It is only right for America to recognize the sacrifices, tears, joys, pain, happiness that we go through when standing behind our men. To all the military wives, fiances, girlfriends out there, today is a day for us! Have a wonderful and blessed day! <3

-The Marine Fiance

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